Industrial lighting

LED luminaries of AtomSvet are the optimal solution for lighting of industrial enterprises As distinct from traditional luminaires with mercury-vapour, sodium-vapour and fluorescent lamps, LED luminaries:

  • provide the most energy-efficient lighting of industrial facilities;
  • do not require repair or maintenance during the whole period of service;
  • switch on initially;
  • have high resistance to vibration and shock;
  • ensures bright and uniform lighting of industrial premises with large floor area.

AtomSvet luminaries for industrial objects

AtomSvet produces AtomSvet® Plant LED luminaries for industrial lightning that are suitable for:

  • indoor and outdoor LED lighting of industrial enterprises (workshops etc.)
  • warehouse complexes;
  • other objects with severe operating conditions (high temperatures, humidity and dust content, as well as presence of vibration and possibilities of mechanical damages).

AtomSvet ® Plant industrial luminaries have high moisture and dust ingress protection (IP67) and suitable for working temperatures from +60 to -60 °C. Lightweight aluminium housing has anodized coating which is resistant to the impact of aggressive environments. The luminaries are completely safe and do not require special disposal conditions, as they do not contain mercury and other harmful substances.

The advantages of industrial lighting by AtomSvet

AtomSvet LED luminaries were esigned specially for lighting of industrial buildings and structures. In this regard they have many competitive advantages:

Problem Solution of AtomSvet
High maintenance costs of luminaries. 50,000 hours is the guaranteed operating life of LEDs made by Nichia (Japan) and AtomSvet drivers. This helps to avoid the costs for repairs and maintenance of luminaries, which is particularly important in view of installation of the luminaires at high altitude and in hard-to-reach places.
Breakdown of luminaries due to severe operating conditions. Resistance to corrosion and the impact of adverse environments is one of the main requirements to devices for lighting of industrial territories, that’s why the aluminium housing of AtomSvet LED luminaries has protective anodized coating. AtomSvet luminaries have high moisture and dust ingress protection rating (IP67), because theelectric circuits, the junction points between housing and polycarbonate glass are completely encapsulated.
Unstable voltage in the power mains. Protection against short circuits, impulse interferences, voltage drops up to 1,000 V is provided by the built-in AtomSvet driver. Power source has wide operating voltage range (150-265 V) and properly operates even in unstable voltage in the power mains.
Luminaires break down when they are used at extreme temperature conditions. Limit values of operating temperatures for AtomSvet luminaries are +\-60 °C. This allows to use devices either in production units with high temperatures and in extremely low temperatures of northern areas, where a lot of oil and gas companies operate.

Realized projects of AtomSvet.

AtomSvet luminaries for lighting of industrial premises were used for many projects, including:

  • lighting of premises (street and perimeter lighting), LLC YuNG-Service – LLC NC Rosneft, Nefteyugansk;
  • lighting of warehouses, OJSC Philip Morris Kuban, Krasnodar;
  • outdoor lighting of excavating machinery equipment, OJSC Kovdor Mining and Refining Plant, Kovdor, Murmansk region;
  • tunnel lighting of Petrovsko-Razumovskaya subway station, SMU-6 Metrostroy, Moscow;

Economic efficiency of AtomSvet® LED luminaries

Replacement of traditional luminaires with mercury-vapour, sodium-vapour and fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient AtomSvet LED luminaries has significant economical benefits, providing a reduction in energy consumption of up to 80%. The usage of AtomSvet LED luminaries allows to payback all the investments that were channeled into the installation of a new lighting system in 3 years.

AtomSvet® industrial LED luminaries are the ideal solution to organizing of lighting systems with low cost of ownership. After implementation of such LED luminaries at the enterprise the additional capacities are released as well as energy costs are reduced for millions of euros.