Lighting of explosion-hazardous premises

Unlike the traditional luminaires, explosion-proof luminaries can operate in conditions with high risk of explosion.

Explosion-proof lighting is widely used at such objects as:

  • industrial enterprises, especially of chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as in machine-building plants;
  • oil platforms and terminals;
  • coal mines and underground mines;
  • places of demolition works;
  • power plants;
  • chemical and petrochemical enterprises;
  • warehouses;
  • filling stations;
  • boiler rooms.

AtomSvet® explosion-proof luminaries

AtomSvet produces explosion-proof LED luminaries AtomSvet® Plant Ex and AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV. It is an optimal solution for lighting systems in potentially explosive environments.

AtomSvet® Plant Ex explosion-proof LED luminaries

LED luminaries are designed for lighting of hazardous zones 1 and 2 and have 1 Exmb d IIBT5Gb / 1 Exmb e IIBT5Gb / 1 Exmb d IIBT4Gb / 1 Exmb e IIBT4Gb markings. LED luminaries have high ingress protection rating against humidity and dust IP67 and can operate at temperatures +/-60 °C. The usage of quality LEDs from the word’s leading manufacturer Nichia (Japan) and in-house designed drivers provides long and reliable operation during the whole service life of lighting fixtures (50,000 hours). The housing of LED luminaries is made of heat-dissipating aluminum profile and has a protective oxidized coating .

This model of explosion-proof luminaries also has low voltage design - AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV (supply voltage 12 – 24 V).

AtomSvet offers ready-made solution of explosion-proof lighting for various objects. Our experts will help you to choose optimal explosion-proof LED luminaries and will perform free lighting calculation as well as the forecast of payback period of a particular project.

The advantages of AtomSvet® explosion-proof luminaries


AtomSvet solution

Operation in facilities with high risk of explosion and stable operation as the emergency lighting

AtomSvet explosion-proof luminaries of AtomSvet are indicated for lighting hazardous areas 1 and 2 and are marked accordingly: 1ExmbdIIBT5Gb / 1ExmbeIIBT5Gb / 1 Exmb d IIBT4Gb / 1 Exmb e IIBT4Gb. High security level of luminaries is achieved by:

  • encapsulation of housing and electric circuit with compound (mb);
  • additional explosion-proof coating (d);

LED luminaries can be used in hazardous zones of facilities and external installations of IIB category for groups of hazardous mixtures with the temperature of 100 °C (T5).

Efficient utilization of energy resources. Unlike the traditional luminaires LEDs save up to 70-80% of energy. Moreover, industrial explosion-proof LED luminaries AtomSvet® reduce the load on electric power lines and release additional capacities.
Operation in unstable voltage of electric circuits. Protection against short circuits and pulse interferences up to 1,000 V is provided due to the built-in power source of AtomSvet with wide operating voltage range. Explosion-proof low voltage LED lighting fixtures AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV are equipped with driver of 12-24 V voltage supply and can operate from alternative energy sources (batteries, solar panels and wind turbines).
Long service life without maintenance and replacement of components. 50,000 hours is the guaranteed operating life of LEDs of Nichia (Japan) and drivers of AtomSvet.
Working at high temperatures (up to +60 °C). Aluminum housing of explosion-proof LED luminaries quickly dissipates heat from lighting and electronic components. As a result the surface of luminaries is not heated to auto-ignition temperature of explosive mixtures that are found in environment.
Vibration resistance. High resistance to vibration and shock is achieved due to the sturdy aluminium housing and polycarbonate diffuser integrated with optics. AtomSvet® LED luminaries correspond with the M2 requirements of operation according to “the Russian National Standard (GOST) 17516.1-90. Electrical products. General requirements in terms of resistance to mechanical external influencing factors”.

Implemented projects of AtomSvet

AtomSvet® explosion-proof luminaries provide energy efficient lighting system with low cost of ownership. In his regard LED luminaries have been used for many large-scale projects:

Apatit, OJSC - pilot-production plant of engineering structures, Murmansk Region, the city of Kirov. Lighting of Yuksporskiy transportation tunnel No.2 was organized with the help of one-modular explosion-proof LED luminaries AtomSvet®
VOLGAELECTROPROM LLC, Samara Region, the city of Togliatti For the lighting of paint and varnishes warehouse the explosion-proof LED luminaries AtomSvet® with a power of 40 Watts were used.
Seismotekhnika, OJSC, Belarus, Gomel 134 explosion-proof LED luminaries AtomSvet® of different capacity were installed on hoist unit in order to repair oil-and-gas wells AP-80A.
Mariyskiy Nefteperegonniy Zavod LLC (Mari Oil Refinery), the Mari El Republic 12 explosion-proof LED luminaries with a power of 40 Watts were delivered for lighting of area of petroleum products landing.

Payback period of explosion-proof LED luminaries AtomSvet®

AtomSvet® explosion-proof luminaries are the effective substitutes to the traditional light sources with incandescent lamps, and with gas-discharge lamps. For example, when replacing 12 explosion-proof luminaries with incandescent lamps of 200 Watts with the same amount of LED luminaries AtomSvet® Plant Ex, the power consumption will reduce by 8,5 times, while the costs for renewal of equipment will be paid back in 2 years.

Experts of AtomSvet are ready to perform lighting calculations for any object. Within the scope of service you may order the following for free:

  • Project calculation.
  • Lighting calculation.
  • Selection of optimal types of LED luminaries.
  • Calculation of a project’s payback period.