Lighting of workshops

Lighting of workshops usually requires installation of powerful luminaries, which can be exploited in severe conditions, such as increased humidity, high dust level and excessively low or high temperatures. Arrangement of lighting in the workshop shall be carried out considering ntural lighting level, hight of premises, location of work positions and manufacturing lines. Correct arrangement of luminaries will help to reduce the risk of accidents and raise the overall labor productivity.

Industrial LED luminaries made by AtomSvet

AtomSvet offers LED luminaries for workshops AtomSvet® Plant, which are the efficient substitution to luminaires with gas-discharge lamps. These LED luminaries have high ingress protection (IP67) against dust and moisture, which provides the opportunity to use them in the most severe operating conditions. Japanese LEDs made by Nichia that are used in luminaries provide high luminous flux of lighting fixtures and guarantee a long working life of light engine. Working capacity of luminaries maintains its properties at temperatures +/-60 °C.

Advantages of LED luminaries for workshop lighting made by AtomSvet

Problem Solution of AtomSvet
High consumption of electricity. 70% of energy saving as compared with gas-discharge lamps used for lighting of workshops is achieved by using LED light sources. Moreover, the use of energy-efficient luminaries permits to lower the load on electric power system and voltage transformers and releases additional power.
Severe operating conditions result in regular breakage of luminaries. The absence of corrosive destruction even in conditions of increased humidity - AtomSvet LED luminaries have protective anodized coating and are able to operate more than 50,000 hours without replacement.
LED luminaries have ingress protection (IP 67), that is, electric circuits and lighting elements are not vulnerable to the adverse effects of dust and moisture.
Luminaries break down during high and low ambient temperatures. Service temperatures of +/-60 °C allow AtomSvet LED luminaries to operate smoothly even in extreme temperatures.
Positioning of luminaries in hard-to-reach place makes it difficult to perform maintenance operations. 50,000 hours is the guaranteed endurance of AtomSvet drivers and applied quality LEDs from leading manufacturers. Throughout this period the repair of the devices and the replacement of components is unnecessary. This fact allows to avoid the maintenance costs.
Luminaries cannot withstand vibration and shock. Shock, mechanical damages and vibration are not dangerous for LED luminaries of AtomSvet used for lighting of workshops, as they are equipped with housing, optics is integrated with polycarbonate diffuser, and the sources of light don’t have filaments.
Electric grids with unstable voltage put out of action the power sources of luminaries. LED luminaries of AtomSvet are protected from pulse interferences, short circuits and rapid voltage changes up to 1,000 V thanks to reliable built in driver, which has a broad range of supply voltage (from 150 to 265 V).

Projects implemented by AtomSvet

LED luminaries of AtomSvet were used to implement many large-scale projects to light the industrial workshops. Energy efficient, reliable and endure LED luminaries make it possible to create lighting fixtures with low cost of ownership. Taking into account calculations and real experience, the invested money means are fully refunded to customer in 2-3 years, and through the introduction of modern energy-efficient technologies the enterprise starts making profit in 5 years.

Design of lighting fixtures

You also can offer a project for lighting of a workshop from AtomSvet. Within the framework of this service our experts can carry out the following:

  • inspection of your facility (industrial enterprise, industrial workshop, warehouse complex etc.)
  • selection of luminaries and electrical equipment with suitable technical characteristics;
  • designing of electric lighting of a workshop;
  • payback calculation;
  • protection of the prepared project;

Payback calculation (feasibility study)

This service allows you to know the period needed for complete payback of LED lighting system. The cost of luminaries, electrical equipment and installation works, as well as benefit from the implementation of energy-efficient lighting fixture is considered while making such calculation.

Calculation of workshop lighting

Lighting calculation will allow to choose luminaires with optimal technical specifications, such as power, brightness, colour temperature etc. In addition, calculation is needed for the correct arrangement of devices and bright and uniform illumination of the object.

Comparison of lighting options

Our experts will perform calculation of a workshop lighting in several variants. So, the client can choose the most reliable, safe and energy-efficient lighting system.