Lighting of fuel stations

AtomSvet explosion-proof LED luminaries for lighting of fuel stations are the optimal solution for lighting of fuel stations. Unlike the traditional gas-discharge lamps, LED luminaries have many advantages, such as:

  • high energy-efficiency;
  • long service life;
  • environmental sustainability.

AtomSvet LED luminaries for lighting of fuel stations

AtomSvet offers luminaries for fuel stations, which are suitable for use in locations with high humidity and dust level (not higher that IP65), as well as in objects with probability of explosion, such as fuel stations. For lighting of fuel stations the following LED luminaries can be used:

AtomSvet® Plant Ex and AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV Explosion-proof luminaries can be installed under fuel filling stations, as well as under the storage tanks for gas and oil products. Low-voltage luminaires with supply voltage of 12-24 V also function as the emergency lighting.
AtomSvet® Plant can be used inside the premises and for street lighting.
AtomSvet® Utility shall be used inside the premises.

AtomSvet® LED luminaries have the following specifications:

  1. High explosion-protection level(LED luminaries AtomSvet® Plant Ex и AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV). These lighting fixtures can be used in explosion hazard zones 1 and 2 and are marked accordingly: 1 Exmb d IIBT5Gb / 1 Exmb e IIBT5Gb / 1 Exmb d IIBT4Gb / 1 Exmb e IIBT4Gb. Explosion protection is achieved by means of encapsulation of wiring diagram of the luminaire and the usage of explosion-proof coating in the distribution box.
  2. High ingress protection rating IP65/67. 2. LED luminaries are fully protected against humidity and dust.
  3. Wide range of operating temperaturesfrom -60 °С to +60 °С.
  4. Heavy alluminium housing has either anodized or metal-cored cover that protects luminaries from corrosion and other severe environmental impacts.
  5. 5. Effective optic system. The polycarbonate diffuser Makrolon LED (Bayer, Germany) with integrated optical system is used in AtomSvet® LED luminaries, so that the optical loss is reduces by 2 times (as compared with separate systems of secondary optics and protective grass).
  6. Absence of costs for regular maintenance. LEDs of Nichia (Japan) and AtomSvet drivers have guaranteed life cycle of at least 50,000 hours. Within this period LED luminaries do not need to change electronic and luminaire components.
  7. 7. Energy-efficiency. As compared with traditional light sources, LED luminaries save up to 70% of energy.

AtomSvet experts can help you to choose the optimal type of LED luminaries for lighting of petrol station. They will carry out project calculation for free and will prepare payback calculation of lighting fixture.

The advantages of AtomSvet luminaires for fuel stations


AtomSvet solution

Inefficient use of energy sources. The application of LEDs can help to reduce up to 70% of energy as compared with gas-discharge lamps. While using AtomSvet® LED luminaries, the load on electricity mains and transformers is reduced and additional power is released. This power can be used for connection of other equipment.
Unstable voltage in electrical mains results in breakage of luminaries. Protection against short circuits and pulse interferences up to 1,000 V is achieved due to the usage of built-in AtomSvet LED driver with a wide operating voltage range. As a result, LED luminaries can function without faults when they are connected to the unstable electrical mains.
High maintenance costs. Moe than 50,000 hours is the guaranteed operating life of LEDs made by Nichia (Japan) and AtomSvet drivers. During this period, lighting and electronic parts do not require repair or replacement.
Vibrations and shocks result in premature breakage of LED luminaries. Vibrations and shocks do not break LED luminaries as they don’t have filaments, and alluminium housings of AtomSvet® LED luminaries and polycarbonate glass are highly resistant.
Moisture, dust, exhaust gases and petrol fumes may affect the performance of luminaries. Anodized or metal-cored cover protects LED luminaries from corrosion and chemical exposure. Due to the encapsulation with compound LED luminaries are fully protected against moisture and dust (IP 65/67).

Realized projects of explosion-proof lighting of AtomSvet

LED lighting for petrol stations, realized with LED luminaries of AtomSvet is characterized by high energy-efficiency and low cost of ownership. Examples of petrol stations lighting with LED luminaries of AtomSvet:

  • ElectroMetallComplect, LLC (Yekaterinburg) - 30 energy-efficient LED luminaries of 110 Watts were delivered for lighting of Rosneft fuel station.
  • Energia Zhizni, LLC (Volzhskiy) - organization of lighting for fuel station with the help of AtomSvet® explosion-proof LED luminaries.
  • Dif, LLC (Krasnodar) - 10 explosion-proof LED luminaries of 20 Watts were installed for lighting of surrounding areas of fuel station.
  • Vektor Stroy Yug, LLC (Krasnodar) - petrol station LED lighting of Magnit retain chain with explosion-proof LED luminaries.

Economic efficiency of LED luminaries of AtomSvet

Replacement of traditional luminaires with gas-discharge lamps with LED luminaries of AtomSvet® is highly effective economically. Payback period of LED luminaries of AtomSvet is estimated at about 3 years, after this period the positive economical effect amounts up to 10, 000 Euro per year for one petrol station.

AtomSvet offers the unique opportunity to order free calculation of a lighting project, our experts will help you to choose LED luminaries with optimal technical characteristics for your fuel station or other explosive object.