Lighting of oil-and-gas fields

Oil and gas producing companies in the oil and gas industries and conventional industrial enterprises differ in many aspects:

  • oil fields are often located in remote areas, where the delivery of equipment is hindered;
  • installing of electric mains involves considerable financial expenses, which substantially raises the average cost of electricity;
  • unstable power supply results in frequent disruptions in the operation of lighting systems;
  • equipment is used in severe weather conditions, at low temperatures;
  • oil and gas production is carried out in areas where the risk of explosion and fire is high;

AtomSvet® LED luminaries are designed with due consideration of aggressive environmental conditions and have the following advantages:

  • high energy-efficiency;
  • stable operation at low temperatures (up to -60 °)
  • durability (power sources and LEDs can function at least 50,000 hours)
  • has IP67 ingress protection class against humidity and dust;
  • luminaries are available in explosion-proof version and can also be operated in explosion hazard zones 1 and 2 (explosion proof marking Exmb d IIBT5Gb / 1 Exmb e IIBT5Gb / 1 Exmb d IIBT4Gb / 1 Exmb e IIBT4Gb);
  • operability when connected to unstable electrical mains.

AtomSvet® LED luminaries for lighting of oil-and-gas fields

AtomSvet produces LED luminaries, which can be used:

  • for lighting of oil-and-gas fields;
  • organization of lighting systems for housing settlements;
  • lighting of technological and power supply units;
  • lighting of warehouse and transport complexes.

All the abovementioned objects have their own specific features, so different types of luminaires should be utilized:

AtomSvet® Plant industrial LED luminaries

They are suitable for lighting of manufacturing workshops, warehouses, streets.

AtomSvet® Plant Ex и AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV explosion-proof LED luminaries are suitable for lighting of areas where the risk is high.

AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV low-voltage LED luminaries (supply voltage 12-24 V) are used in emergency lighting networks and at objects with high humidity level, where the voltage of 220 V is prohibited to use.

Implementation of LED lighting for oil-and-gas fields demands special knowledge and skills, otherwise costly equipment will not yield significant benefits. AtomSvet offers its customers the opportunity to order free calculation of a lighting project for oil-and-gas fields. Our experts will help you to choose LED luminaries with proper specifications and will carry out calculation of payback period of a project.

The advantages of AtomSvet® LED luminaries

Problem AtomSvet solution
High costs of energy. The application of LEDs can help to reduce up to 70% of energy as compared with traditional lighting fixtures. While using AtomSvet® LED luminaries, the load on delivery points is reduced and additional power is released.
High maintenance costs. 50,000 hours is the guaranteed service life of AtomSvet drivers and applied LEDs (Nichia, Semiconductor). Within this period electronic and luminaire components do not need to be replaced or repaired.
When connecting to unstable electrical mains, luminaries often break down. Protection against pulse interferences up to 1,000 V and short circuits is achieved due to the usage of built-in AtomSvet power source that can function without faults even during connection to the unstable electrical mains.
Explosive objects need luminaries with additional protection. The explosion-proof version of АtomSvet® Plant LED luminaries can be supplied, so they can be effectively applied in explosion hazard zones 1 and 2.
Extreme temperatures result in luminaries breakdown. АtomSvet® luminaries can function even at extreme temperatures up to -60 °C and ideally suit for use in the Far North’s climatic conditions.
Vibrations have an adverse impact on luminaries. Strong housing and polycarbonate glass can withstand vibrations, shocks and mechanical damages, so that АtomSvet® luminaries can function uninterruptedly during strong wind, snowstorm and during the high seismic activity.

Realized projects of AtomSvet

Energy-efficient and reliable АtomSvet® LED luminaries are the optimal solution for lighting of oil-and-gas fields. The luminaires were used in many large-scale projects, such as:

  • Zapsibgazprom- Gazificatsia, LLC (Tumen Region) - 208 street LED luminaries of 55 Watts were delivered to the archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, which is s a part of the polar regions of the Russian Federation.
  • LUKOIL-Zapadnaya Sibir, LLC - 61 explosion-proof AtomSvet® LED luminaries of 31 Watts were used in organizing lighting system of the Oil and Gas Production Workshop in the business unit Langepasneftegaz.
  • RN-Yuganskneftegaz, LLC (Nefteyugansk) - 152 industrial and 50 explosion-proof AtomSvet® LED luminaries were installed.
  • YuNG-Service, LLC (Nefteyugansk) - more than 820 street AtomSvet® LED luminaries were delivered for lighting of subdivisions of NC Rosneft, OJSC .

Economic efficiency of AtomSvet® LED luminaries

Replacement of traditionalluminaires with AtomSvet® LED luminaries leads to the material economic benefits. Usually, since the implementation of LED lighting system, the investments are paid-back in 2-3 of usage of LED luminaries.

AtomSvet offers a unique opportunity to order free calculation of a lighting project for oil and gas field. Our experts will help you to choose LED luminaries with optimal technical characteristics, will calculate payback period and cost-effectiveness of the project.