Street lighting

Street lighting must be energy-efficient and the street luminaires must be shock- and vibration proof, and must have high ingress protection degree from dust and moisture. AtomSvet offers modern and effective solution – the luminaires of the following series: AtomSvet® Road, АtomSvet® Revolt and АtomSvet® Plant.

  1. AtomSvet® Road street and highway lighting. Absolutely airproof, with high degree of protection against moisture and dust – IP65. Aluminium housing of the luminaire with metal powder coating provides robust protection against shock and vibrations. Wide operating temperature range (from +60 to –60 degrees Centigrade) allows to use the luminaires in cold and moderate climate.
  2. АtomSvet® Revolt street luminaires. High degree of protection against moisture and dust – IP67. Can be used in conditions of increased moisture and within the wide temperature range (from –60 to +60 degrees Centigrade). Aluminium housing of the luminaire with metal powder coating provides robust protection against shock and vibrations. The luminaires do not require any maintenance during the whole service life.
  3. АtomSvet® Plant street luminaires. The housing of the luminaire is made of aluminium with anodized coating, and LEDs are protected with the coating made of special polycarbonate. All this provides high degree of protection against moisture and dust – IP67, the possibility of use of these luminaires in extreme temperatures (from –60 to +60 degrees Centigrade), as well as protection against shock and vibrations.

Advantages of AtomSvet street luminaires

Problem AtomSvet solution
Irrational utilization of energy resources and high electrical energy costs. Power consumption of AtomSvet® luminaires is substantially lower that the power consumption of luminaires with mercury arc lamps and sodium vapor lamps.
Use of the luminaires for street lighting under the influence of rain, dust, soot, exhaust gases lead to the dirt accumulation on the glass and lowering of illumination level. High degree of protection against dust and moisture of AtomSvet luminaires - IP67 (for Revolt and Plant), IP65 (for Road) eliminates these problems and the necessity of cleaning the glass.
Aluminium housing with metal powder coating (Revolt and Road) and anodized coating (Plant), as well as the lens system made of polycarbonate, protect the elements of the luminaire from the impact of aggressive media: rain, dust, soot, exhaust gases, etc.
Sudden temperature drops lead to the breakage of the luminaires. Wide operating temperature range: from +60 to –60 degrees Centigrade.
Street luminaires are usually situated in hard-to-reach place, so they are difficult to maintain. Electronic components in the driver and quality LEDs made by Nichia Corporation guarantee at least 50,000 hours of fail-safe operation of the luminaires. AtomSvet luminaires do not require the replacement of light source during the whole service life.
Vibrations and wind negatively influence the work of the luminaires AtomSvet luminaires are vibration- and shockproof.
Unstable voltage in the electric mains. The luminaires are equipped with the driver designed especially for operation in the electric mains with unstable voltage. The driver has the protection against the short circuits, impulse interference (electric main up to 1,000. V) and wide range of supply voltages (150-265 V).

Implemened AtomSvet projects

AtomSvet street LED luminaires were used in the following projects:

  • Russian Federation, Airport Tolmachevo – Novisibirsk road. 106 luminaires for lighting of the new road.
  • Russian Federation, Sochi, Olimpstroy. 230 АtomSvet® Plant luminaires for exterior lighting of the Olympic park.
  • Russian Federation, Murmansk region, Nikel, Energy Saving Company Inter RAO. 271 street luminaires.
  • Russian Federation, Novosibirsk, Television and radio broadcasting company Royal Park. 32 АtomSvet® Plant luminaires for exterior lighting of the building;

AtomSvet LED luminaires are fully-featured complex solutions that provide effective and stable work of the street lighting systems. They allow to reduce the cost of ownership of a street lighting system significantly. Money invested in LED lighting of the streets will pay off in 2-3 years.

Designing of the lighting systems

Development of complex solutions for street lighting is one of the services of AtomSvet company. It includes:

  • examination of the object (highways, streets, approach roads, open areas for loading/ unloading, etc.),
  • development of strategy for increasing the energy efficiency level,
  • defining the requirements to the equipment,
  • performing pay-off calculations,
  • feasibility studies, defence and implementation of the design solution.

Feasibility studies / Pay-off calculation

Street LED luminaires are more energy-efficient than the luminaires with gas-discharge lamps and do not require any maintenance costs during the whole service life. That is why the use of such luminaires is justified, despite the higher cost of LED lighting systems. Feasibility stydy will allow to calculate the pay-off terms of the money invested in the street lighting.

Lighting calculation

Lighting calculation allows to optimize the number of LED luminaires required for the street lighting and to calculate their power (in general and for every separate luminaire), technical characteristics, height of the mountings, correspondence to the lighting norms.

Comparison of the lighting options

AtomSvet engineers will provide several lighting calculations for the object, and the client will be able to choose the most suitable lighting option with due account for all the requirements: energy efficiency, reliability, safety, etc.