Lighting for Public Utilities & Residential Areas

AtomSvet® Utility LED luminaires are widely used for lighting of cottages, curtilages, access ways and auxiliary spaces of apartment houses and industrial enterprises. Luminaires feature high energy efficiency and save up to 70% of energy compared to traditional luminaires. Devices are suitable for use in high humidity and dust conditions (IP65) and smoothly operate at temperatures of -40 to +50°C.

Advantages of AtomSvet® Utility LED luminaires:

  • Reliability and long service life (50 000 h): use of only high-quality components – LEDs manufactured by Cree (United States) and Seoul Semiconductor (Korea) and proprietary power sources with a wide range of supply voltages (150-265 V) – and protection against short circuits and pulse interference up to 1000 V;
  • No maintenance is required throughout entire service life;
  • Absence of mercury and other harmful substances ensures complete safety of luminaires and facilitates their recycling;
  • Aluminum housing with an efficient heat sink and metal powder protection against corrosion and adverse environmental impact;
  • Equipped with a proximity sensor (optional) to ensure additional energy saving;
  • Vandal-proof screws prevent possible unauthorized disassembly of luminaires.

Reliable and energy-efficient AtomSvet® Utility LED luminaires are an excellent alternative to outdated devices with filaments lamps and fluorescent lamps.