Industrial facilities LED lighting

AtomSvet® LED luminaires were developed with maximum consideration of specifics of operation under adverse environmental conditions and feature an optimum combination of high energy efficiency and dust and moisture protection (IP67). This combination of features makes it possible to operate AtomSvet luminaires successfully within a wide range of industrial and other facilities with high requirements to quality and reliability of luminaires, where AtomSvet luminaires provide saving of up to 70%, as compared to gas discharge lamps.

The advantages of AtomSvet® luminaires are:

  • optic system - diffuser made of Makrolon LED polycarbonate (produced by Bayer, Germany) with integrated lens system, which provides reduction of optical losses of up to 2 times as compared to independent secondary optics and protective glass systems and also guarantees high shock resistance and thermal and chemical resistance;
  • light sources used in the luminaires are LEDs made by Nichia (Japan), Cree (USA) and Seoul Semiconductor (Korea) with high luminous efficiency (no less than 130 lm/W) and long service life of no less than 50,000 h;
  • the luminaires require no repair or servicing throughout their whole service life;
  • possibility to use in unstable electric grids. Driver of the luminaires is reliably protected against short-circuiting, pulse noises and voltage variations of up to 1,000 V;
  • a wide range of operational temperatures – from -60 C to +60 C assured by the high-quality heat dissipation system of the luminaires;
  • anodized aluminum casing with high corrosion protection properties.
  • AtomSvet® LED luminaires are energy-efficient and reliable devices that present a perfect alternative to the obsolete vacuum and gas discharge lamp-based luminaires.

AtomSvet® Plant

  • The luminaire housing is made of extruded aluminum and protected by an anodized coating.
  • The luminaires have a built-in power equalizer (cos ϕ at least 0.98).
  • Class I protection against electric shock.
  • The lens system is integrated into the protective cover made of a special-purpose Makrolon®
  • LED polycarbonate, with an optical transmission coefficient of at least 87 %.
  • High ingress protection IP67 is provided by sealing the electric circuit with a special compound.

AtomSvet® Plant Ex

  • The luminaires use three methods of explosion isolation: they are sealed with a sealing compound and elimination of excessive temperature (the luminaire), a blast-proof enclosure, or enhanced explosion protection (junction box for connection to customer’s power grid).
  • The luminaire housing is made of extruded heat-dissipating aluminum profile protected by an oxide coating.
  • The type of LIDC, the mechanical protection of LEDs, and protection from dust are ensured using a one-piece optical system – a dome with integrated lenses.
  • The dome is made of special polycarbonate produced by the German chemical company Bayer – Makrolon® LED with a minimum light transmission coefficient of 87 %.
  • All critical components of the luminaires are separated from the environment by a heat conductive silicon compound.
  • The luminaire has Class I protection against electric shock.
  • The electric circuit of the luminaire is equipped with protective measures necessary for use in explosion hazardous environments.

AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV

  • General advantages of low voltage АtomSvet® Plant Ex LED luminaire.
  • Extended operation voltage range: from 12 V to 42 V.
  • Extended service life, wide range of light intensity curves, contamination protection of lenses.
  • Class III protection against electric shock (Protective Extra Low Voltage). The luminaires have internal earthing and are provided with terminals for connection of external earthing.

AtomSvet® Utility

  • Energy Efficiency: the use of LEDs provides maximum reduction in electricity consumption (by 8 times compared with incandescent lamps of the same brightness).
  • Long life span (at least 50,000 h.).
  • Degree of protection against dust and moisture is a minimum of IP65.
  • Aluminum housing with a protective powder metal coating provides improved impact strength and high resistance to any mechanical damage.
  • Vandal-proof design: luminaires are equipped with special recessed hidden screws, which prevent the possibility their being removed.
  • Do not require maintenance.