Low-voltage LED lighting

AtomSvet® LV (low-voltage) LED luminaires are designed specifically for use in facilities with high humidity where use of electrical mains with a voltage of 220 V is not applicable: water power plants, tunnels (including underground railways), fuel-filling stations, emergency lighting systems, etc.

AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV luminaires feature explosion-proof design and can be used in explosive areas.

Advantages of AtomSvet® low-voltage LED luminaires:

  • AtomSvet® luminaires feature high energy efficiency and save up to 70% of energy compared to traditional light sources.
  • Long service life (50 000 h) due to use of high-quality LEDs produced by Nichia (Japan) and a proprietary driver with protection from short circuits and pulse interference.
  • Low-voltage explosion-proof luminaires can be used for illuminaion of any facilities of the 1st and 2nd zones (1Ex): high ingress protection rating is ensured by the pressurized casting of the housing and electrical wiring, as well as due to explosion-proof enclosure of a junction box.
  • No maintenance is required for luminaires throughout entire service life.
  • Reliable protection of a luminaire from dust and moisture (IP67). Aluminum housing with oxidized coating is protected against corrosion and adverse environmental impact.
  • Luminaires have a wide range of operating temperatures: -60 to +60°C.

Energy-efficient and reliable AtomSvet® LV (low-voltage) luminaires would be an optimal solution for replacement of outdated light sources with gas-discharge lamps and filament lamps.