Outdoor LED lighting

AtomSvet® Plant and AtomSvet®Road street and highway LED luminaires are widely used to light the highways, urban roads, sidewalks, yards, parks.

Main advantages of AtomSvet® Plant and AtomSvet®Road street and highway LED luminaires are:

  • high energy efficiency – saving up to 70% of energy as compared to luminaires with gas discharge lamps;
  • high degree of protection against dust and moisture (IP67/66);
  • wide operating temperature range – up to +/-60 °C;
  • long service life (at least 50 000 h) ensured by high quality LEDs from Nichia (Japan) and Seoul Semiconductor (Korea), as well as by the driver of in-house design, which is protected against short circuits and power surges up to 1000 V and provides uninterrupted luminaire operation when connected to unstable electric grids;
  • no maintenance required throughout the service life;
  • high color rendering index provides contrast lighting that improves visibility on the roads in the dark;
  • aluminum housing has anodized coating that protects luminaires against corrosion and atmospheric precipitation impact;
  • Makrolon LED (Bayer, Germany) polycarbonate diffuser has a high impact resistance, tolerates vibration and high winds. Ceiling light transmittance is minimum 87%;
  • protective angle (80 and 90°) eliminates the blinding of drivers and pedestrians. The uniformity of illumination is achieved through the use of optics with wide and wide side LIDC;
  • reliability – compliance with all CE and CS requirements.

AtomSvet® street and highway LED luminaires are energy-efficient and reliable devices, an excellent alternative to traditional lamps used today.