Explosion-proof LED lighting

AtomSvet® Plant Ex (explosion-proof) and AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV LED luminaires are designed specifically for use in industrial, oil and chemical plants, power-generating plants, fuel-filling stations and other facilities with explosive environments. AtomSvet® Plant Ex (explosion-proof) LV (low-voltage) luminaires are connected to mains with low supply voltages (12-42 V); they are suitable for use in facilities with high humidity and dust conditions and can be used as emergency lighting sources.

Advantages of AtomSvet® explosion-proof luminaires:

  • They provide reliable and uninterrupted lighting for any facilities of the 1st and 2nd zones (1Ex). High protection rating is ensured due to pressurized casting of the housing and electrical wiring, as well as due to explosion-proof enclosure of a junction box;
  • High energy efficiency – saving up to 70% of energy compared to traditional light sources;
  • Long service life (50 000 h) due to use of high-quality LEDs produced by Nichia (Japan) and a proprietary driver with protection from short circuits, pulse interference and voltage drops up to 1000 V;
  • No maintenance is required for luminaires throughout entire service life;
  • Reliable protection of a luminaire from dust and moisture (IP67);
  • A wide range of operating temperatures (+/-60°C) ensures reliable operation of luminaires in facilities of oil and gas industry, steelmaking shops, etc.

Energy-efficient and reliable AtomSvet® explosion-proof luminaires would be an optimal solution for replacement of outdated light sources with filament lamps and gas-discharge lamps.