Order a catalogue

ATOMLITE Lichttechnik GmbH offers a wide line of LED luminaires of its own production. The Company's experts have developed the Catalog, which will assist customers in familiarizing with technical characteristics and functional features of different types of luminaires:

  • industrial lighting;
  • street and highway lighting;
  • luminaires for municipal utility facilities;
  • explosion-proof luminaires;
  • low-voltage luminaires;
  • luminaires for agricultural facilities;
  • searchlights;
  • architectural and landscaping illumination.

The Catalog also contains detailed information concerning activities of the Company, the possibilities and benefits of LED illumination. The data incorporated in the Catalog will allow you to select optimal luminaires with consideration to specifics of a certain facility. You can obtain a copy of the Catalog in printed form or download its electronic version in PDF format.

Order a free Catalog of LED luminaires.