Selection of a ready-made solution

ATOMLITE Lichttechnik GmbH offers ready-made solutions of implementation of energy efficient luminaires at facilities of various functions. Experts of the Company will perform a complete sequence of works (starting from facility assessment on to supply and installation of LED luminaires).

Solutions by ATOMLITE Lichttechnik GmbH are developed for various types of applications and operational conditions, such as:

  • energy efficient luminaires;
  • illumination of industrial and warehouse facilities including rooms with high explosion safety requirements;
  • illumination of facilities operated under extremely low or high temperatures;
  • illumination within premises with aggressive chemical environment, as well as facilities with high dust or moisture content;
  • illumination within premises with high vibration and shock loads;
  • illumination of municipal utilities;
  • lighting equipment automation and control systems.

Implementation of ready-made solutions involves:

  • engineering survey of the premises;
  • development of technical design specifications and energy efficiency enhancement strategies;
  • designing of the electrical illumination system;
  • supply of equipment;
  • installation of AtomSvet LLC LED lighting equipment;
  • provision of warranty servicing.

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